I was married for 20 years when my wife suicided at the age of 40.

My wife was sexually abused as a child and despite 7 previous attempts her situation was never taken seriously.

I repeatedly on many, many occasions tried to receive help for my wife. Because of the confidentiality law I was excluded from any treatment she did receive. The hospital psychiatrist advised me on numerous occasions that her problem had nothing to do with me.

I begged them to involve and inform me of what was happening with my wife. I told them I am the family carer looking after our very young daughter and trying to cope with my wife’s illness. I said when she has her bad days that I am the one who is bathing her, dressing her and trying to cope with the family in general 24 hours a day. I also need help to understand what is happening. It did not matter what I said the confidentiality law was thrown at me from every direction. All I wanted was to help the one I most love, my wife.

What I wanted was to be involved and informed of my wife’s treatment, help doctors and psychiatrists with my knowledge of my wife’s illness and, in turn, enable the medical profession to help my wife. I ask why.

I feel betrayed by society. Because of my wife’s age she has only become an insignificant statistic. I am sure if this was youth suicide someone may have cared. Nobody cares. Nobody understands. Nobody wants to know.