24/04/80 – 18/10/03
Aged 23 years

My one and only son. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. The tears I still cannot stop. I dream of the days when your smiles and laughter could be heard throughout the house. I long for the hugs you gave me, and those words, “Love you mum”.

My heart was broken the day you did not come home. Why, why can’t I find an answer- Only you can answer that.

Chris grew up in Adelaide, moved to Mount Gambier in 1997 and was a chef at the Commercial and Bellum hotels. Many people love and continue to love Chris, not only his friends and family but also the people he worked for. Chris’ smiles, laughter and antics were second to none. He joined the Royal Australian Navy in 2000 and everyone was so proud of him. Chris conquered many hurdles to achieve his acceptance into the Navy, but he did it with pride.

Even the Navy saw him, in their words, as the “Lovable Larrikin”.

Chris was coming home on leave for a week before going to the Gulf on HMAS Melbourne.