24/04/80 – 18/10/03
Aged 23 years

The one thing that touched me the most about my mate was the fact that no matter what, he always had time for his friends and family. I would feel like having a slack day and chuck a sickie from work and it didn’t matter what time it was, I could him ring him up and he would always say, “sounds good, come round”. Even if he would have to work he would stay home as well just so we could spend time as mates. It didn’t matter if he got into trouble, he would just shrug his shoulders and say, “shit happens”.

One day I remember I rang him at about six in the morning and went around to his place. All we did for that day was ride around on his scooter and play playstation. We must have had fun because the smile didn’t leave his face all day–.And he had the cheekiest smile–like he was always up to something.

He joined the Navy and he proved again that he always had time for his mates and family–

I will tell you the story (to the best of my ability). He was based in Sydney and had a course to do in Canberra. Of course they got a Government car and the only thing that their Sargent or Captain said was “you go to the course in Canberra and back here to where you are staying–That’s it”. So they headed off to Canberra and about half way there–Chris said to his offsider, “Do you want to go to Mount Gambier-“

His offsider agreed and off they headed for the long journey home. When they got there Chris spent a bit of time with his family and friends and drove back with about 2 hours to spare.

When the Captain walked in that fine day he pulled my mate and partner in crime to the side and said, “Excuse me boys didn’t I tell you to go only to the course and straight back here-” They replied, “We did!” and he said, “Well how do you explain the extra 4500kms on the clock-” “Well we did a bit of sight seeing, and Canberra is a big place”. “Oh yeah, fair enough, but can you explain the McDonald’s receipt from Mount Gambier on the back seat of the car”. Once this was said they were busted. But this gets my point across. Even though they knew they would get into trouble (they copped a $500 fine and 12 or something days in chooks) he travelled all this way just to see his family and friends for a few hours. Now that’s what I call a mate.

! will always love you buddy, you are in my heart forever and I will try and look after your family now that you are gone–But I couldn’t do anywhere near as good a job as you did–