On the 17 June 1986, I lost my brother Graham to suicide as he shot himself, and the pain the hurt I carry will always be there, as I loved and will always love and miss him dearly.

It has been 21 years of tears and pain that has always remained, it feels like that it was yesterday.- It should not of happened and I am so angry and hurt.- I write poems for my darling brother, Graham, and it comes from my heart.

When I lost my brother a part of me went with him and I have tried to take my own life too as I had no one to talk to about it as I was asking why did he have to go away but got no answer.- But I know he is with me always and forever.- I have tried to take my own life several times but was talked out of it, and now I know my brother wants me to be strong for our mum as he was the most strong, loved man you could ever meet.- As my brother once said to me when we were kids, you can be strong and love ya Sissy, always be happy and tell your family you love them.- He would always smile and always loved life and family.- There is a lot of pain inside of me and so very angry and this will last a life time.- The pain will always remain.- All I say now is Dear Humble I will always love and miss you forever.

Love always your sister
Sharon xxoo