Sock It To Suicide Week” held during the third full week in October (20 – 14 October) is one of the most important fund-raising activities conducted by White Wreath Association.

It is a vital to promoting White Wreath in the broader community and speading the message of White Wreath’s continuing campaign to educate and spread awareness of suicide/mental illness within the community.

Revenue raised during “Sock It to Suicide Week” is the main source of finance for White Wreath’s primary ambition to raising $20 million to establish Safehaven Centres to provide special  treatment programs for those considering suicide.

Encouraging everyone to wear bright coloured socks/stockings to their workplace, school etc not only raises funds in support of White Wreath Association, but makes people aware of the abysmal state of the nation’s mental health services.

Please click on this link for extensive information on our Safehaven Centres.

To take part in “Sock It To Suicide Week” organise a day to host an event – invite friends, family and colleagues to wear coloured socks or stockings.

You can then raise funds by creating an Online Fundraising Page through our Partners Everyday Hero. This lets you email Facebook or Tweet regarding details of your activity and allows people who can’t come to still sponsor your important efforts. Click this link to register a page.

You can also collect money on the day and either deposit funds here or deposit funds through your Everyday Hero Fundraising Page. Have fun and lets “Sock It To Suicide” .

Grow also holds a fund-raising activity – “Odd Sock Day” on one day in the first week of October. Grow has no connection with White Wreath Association.


Fanita Clark