Providing information to members is vital to White Wreath achieving its primary objectives.

White Wreath’s main aim is to raise funds to establish Safehaven Centres for those who need urgent mental health treatment and ongoing care.

Equally important to this is:

  • Provide Advocacy and support to the sufferers of mental illness and their families
  • Provide support to the family and friends of suicide victims through our National White Wreath Day held on the 29 May each year.
  • Raise awareness of the social impact mental illness has on our society
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental disorders through public awareness campaigns like White Wreath Day, Wear White At Work and Sock It To Suicide

The quarterly email newsletter has been our main publication to keep you informed on personal mental health experiences, medical issues and future fundraising activities.

The email newsletter has limitations on the length of articles, which often restricts our ability to provide as much detail as we would like to.

The rapidly changing face of computer technology has seen the introduction of new communication options.

Some of these are Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, which are proving more popular to a growing number of people, to the extent that the email newsletter concept is fast becoming obsolete. 

White Wreath aims to provide information in the manner most favoured by members.

We have decided to canvass members on their views on the way in which they would like us to provide them with information.

Among the options we are looking at:

  • Continue with the present email newsletter
  • Blogs;
  • Facebook/Twitter; or
  • A combination targeting specific groups of members.

We realise that some of our members do not have access to or are not comfortable with using computers.

Let me assure you that, whatever communication method is chosen, printed copies will always be available on request.

The Board when making our decision will take your opinion of the most preferred method of communication under serious consideration.

Fanita Clark