It is not governments that build a nation it is people. White Wreath Day on the 29 May is a special day. It increases the awareness of suicide. Thousands of Australians die each year and thousands of White Wreaths are laid Australia wide in remembrance of those who have died by these tragic circumstances.

Together we can make a difference and change the present system.
W  Who are the wreaths for? They are in remembrance of all victims of suicide in years gone by. Thousands of Australians die each year by these means and White Wreath estimates approx 8,000 each year.
W Why are they laid? To show mental illness kills. To alert the community to the need for early intervention by health authorities in the treatment of mental health sufferers and the necessity for change to the Confidentiality Law to allow family/carers to be involved in the treatment and follow-up care of mental health patients. Changing present treatment methods could save lives.
A Action is sought to try to reduce these tragic figures we ask you to support our Association’s aims by making a donation to help us build our own Centres and help us deliver the message across Australia that the silent formula by Federal/State Governments and the media of suicide deaths does not make this problem disappear. We will continue to promote public awareness to remove the stigmas and myths. Remember, suicide affects all walks of life, all ages and all cultures regardless of whether we are rich, famous or poor.
Fanita Clark