White Wreath Can Help You

White Wreath Association – Action Against Suicide provides advocacy and support for those who need assistance finding help for their mental health and for those bereaved by suicide.

When you or someone you know attempts suicide, suffers severe depression or is affected by mental illness, the last thing you want is to cope alone.

White Wreath recognises this and offers assistance to help bridge the gap between mental health organisations and individuals.

It has experience in overcoming difficulties you may be having in dealings with a government department, medical professions or local authorities in relations to your own or a loved one’s suicide or mental illness.

Fanita Clark, founder of the association, has spent a lot of time in contact with many organisations and department and has had a good deal of success in helping people to get information and support they need.

White Wreath has a strong network of support and there are many individuals, some of whom have become members of the association, who are willing to help where possible.

White Wreath volunteers are active in the wider community, creating awareness of misunderstanding and myths relating to mental illness and educating the community on the serious shortages in appropriate mental health treatments.

We aim to remind all Australians that every life is precious and suicide victims are not just a statistic, but dearly loved human beings, loved by their families, friends and carers.

White Wreath is a non-denominational, non-political and anti-discriminatory body and does not receive any government funding.

If you feel White Wreath can be of assistance to you, contact us:

and you will speak immediately to a human voice.