White Wreath Needs Your Help

White Wreath’s ultimate aim is the purchase of land, construction and engaging medical staff for Safehaven Centres for the treatment of those with mental health problems, especially those whom are suicidal.

White Wreath Association is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation providing 24-hour, seven days a week help, assistance for those suffering mental trauma or considering suicide.

White Wreath is staffed completely by unpaid volunteers, and we do not receive any government financial assistance. All the services provided by White Wreath are free and we do not charge for any help/assistance or costs we may incur.

White Wreath provides advocacy and advice for those with mental health problems who are finding it difficult trying to get help within the complicated public mental health system and we often spend weeks/months on individual cases.

White Wreath also provides support to families, friends and work colleagues who have been touched by suicide.

We have created community awareness programs trying to overcome the stigma many people have about suicide and mental health.

These programs include National White Wreath Day – In Remembrance of All Victims of Suicide – held on 29 May every year.

This is a Remembrance Commemorative Service for all those who have lost their lives by tragic means. For those who cannot attend a service, but still wish to be involved with financial donations, we have created a Wear White at Work Day on the same day.

Sock It To Suicide Day is another fund-raising campaign held during the third week in October each year with the approach of a little fun and light-heartedness with those involved buying coloured socks and wearing them to school, work etc.

We operate solely on public support/donations and If you want us to continue the good work we earnestly ask you to “Please Donate.

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