About White Wreath Association Ltd



I have just given a very brief detail here of a frustrating and painful journey.

Our only son Jason (aged 19)  was diagnosed with schizophrenia, paranoia and severe depression six months before his death. However, his illness was showing well before with a complete personality and character change. He became a person we did not know. He became a person I was scared of. I was scared of my own son. Finally, he said, “Mum, Please Help Me!”  that was when I sighed with relief because now we could seek help; he was willing and wanting help.

But alas, it was the beginning of the end. No matter what services I rang and spoke to, nobody was interested in assisting our son or our family. We all had to cope alone, in silence and in the best way we could with the little knowledge we had of mental illness.

During those six months, Jason tried twice in one day to kill himself, first by connecting the hose to the exhaust pipe of his car, which he could not get to work, and then secondly by an overdose of prescribed medication. We found him frothing from the mouth, and we rang the ambulance and immediately rushed him to emergency mental health.

After a couple of days of the treatment, the Psychiatrist rang me and said, in his professional opinion, our son was OK to come home. I begged and pleaded that our son was not OK. Jason wanted to remain in the hospital. He knew he needed professional medical help; he was constantly telling me that he was going to kill himself. The treating Psychiatrist did not take any of this into account or our opinions of our son’s condition. None of this made any difference to the treating Psychiatrist; in his professional opinion, he knew best, and Jason was released.

Jason placed himself in front of a train three weeks later on 29 May 1999.

Hence the formation of the White Wreath Assoc – Action Against Suicide.

– Fanita Clark


We Are Not

White Wreath Association is not a Therapeutic, Treatment or Counselling Group. We support families of the mentally ill, we support individually mentally ill people and carers of the mentally ill, especially where they have difficulty accessing treatment, and we try to ensure they stay within the mental health system because this is the system specifically designed to treat mental illness. We advise people to seek professional medical assistance. We assist those bereaved by suicide due to mental illness by operating as a hands-on Peer Support Organisation in response to those who request our help through the various avenues of Community Awareness Activities.

Aims & Goals


  • Establishment of Safe Haven Centres where no one suffering a mental illness will be denied treatment.
  • Promote public awareness by educating the public on the alarming increase in suicide numbers and mental illness disorders in our society.
  • Make changes to the Confidentiality Laws that allow medical information to be given to family members caring for a mentally ill/disordered loved one.
  • Remove the unfounded myths and stigmas often associated with suicide.
  • Remind the whole of Australia that every life is precious. Suicide victims are not just statistics but were dearly loved human beings, loved by their families and carers.

The White Wreath Association is a non-denominational, non-political and anti-discriminatory body supporting people who have been directly affected by suicide and those who are affected by mental illness/disorders.



One of the services the White Wreath Association offers to all Australians who have been touched in some way by Suicide and Mental Illness is that of advocate.

When you or someone you know attempts Suicide, suffers from Severe Depression or is affected by Mental Illness, the last thing you want is to cope alone.

The White Wreath Association recognises this and offers to help bridge the gap between Organisations and Individuals.

If you are having difficulties with a Government Department, Medical Professionals or Local Authorities about your own or a loved one’s Suicide or Mental Illness, then we will help.

Fanita Clark, founder of this Association, has spent a lot of time in contact with many Organisations and Departments and has had a good deal of success in helping people get the information and support they need in their area.  The White Wreath Association Ltd has a strong support network, and many individuals within these Departments and Organisations are also willing to help.

If you feel this service could be of use to you, then please do not hesitate to call Fanita on 1300 766 177

The White Wreath Association has volunteers and supporters from all over the country, and wherever you are, we will try to ensure you have the support you need when you need it.


Vision Statement

The primary focus of the White Wreath Association is to raise funds to establish Safehaven Centres, care facilities to treat and aid those suffering from mental illnesses and a place to go to for those who are suicidal.

In Australia, we have to come to terms with the trauma of thousands of our fellow citizens, men, women and children who are suicide every year.

For those left behind, these tragedies are traumatic and painful. Yet society’s response to these surviving families and friends is vastly different to the response and compassion offered to families who have suffered the loss of someone due to other types of illnesses, accidents and tragedies. It seems that no one cares or understands that the families and friends of suicide victims need as much help and support as other members of our society and are just as deserving of our understanding and respect.

For the past few years, a group of volunteers have travelled Australia, creating – in the wider community – awareness of the misunderstandings and myths relating to mental illness and providing community education regarding the serious lack of appropriate treatments.

These volunteers strive to promote awareness and response to mental health issues in the greater community, and we thank them for their constant support.

Since our incorporation, our achievements have been many; we have:

  • established National White Wreath Day in remembrance of all Victims of Suicide
  • established the Sock It To Suicide Campaign held during the THIRD week of October yearly
  • provided help to thousands of Australians
  • established a website and newsletters for sending information and updating members and supporters
  • created a national membership program.

We would be very grateful if you could help us to help our fellow Australians through donations or support of our fundraising ventures to raise the much-needed funds required. Please visit our donate/shop page to see how you can help. You could help our Association directly or refer our organisation to other contacts you know who can help us achieve our goal.

With your help, we will achieve our goal and together reduce the frightening suicide figures that are growing at a staggering rate.