Suicide Statistics

The Australian Federal Government has delayed releasing suicide statistics over the past few years and is presently over two years behind.

Therefore, we cannot determine exactly the number of deaths each year.

In Australia, it is tough for us to estimate due to the process of collating data determining a suicide. The coroner’s role is explained in the  paragraph below:
“Mechanism By Intent – Selected Causes”.

We estimate more than 8,000 per year. This list goes on with a final estimated total of over 1 Million Suicides worldwide every year and counting. This is sheer devastation, in anyone’s opinion.

Mechanism By Intent – Selected Causes

Coronial processes to determine the intent of death (whether intentional self-harm, accidental, homicide, undetermined intent) are especially important for statistics on suicide deaths because information on intent is necessary to complete the coding under ICD-10 coding rules. Coroners’ practices in determining the intent of a death may vary across the states and territories. In some cases, no statement of intent will be made by a coroner. The factors affecting a coronial determination of intent may include legislative or regulatory barriers, sympathy with the feelings of the family, age of the deceased, or sensitivity to the cultural practices and religious beliefs of the deceased and/or their family. For some mechanisms of death where it may be challenging to determine suicidal intent (e.g. single vehicle accidents, drownings), the burden of proof required for the coroner to establish that the cause of death was suicide may make a finding of suicide less likely.

Footnote:- Latest Suicide figures can be obtained at then in the search bar type in 3303.0 – Causes of Death. White Wreath has stated from inception (1999) that to give the true statistics of suicide the figure should be multiplied by four. Our reasons for coming to this conclusion are explained in the Mechanism by Intent.

Overseas figures:

  • USA over 35,000
  • China over 300,000
  • Japan over 33,000
  • India over 100,000.

Do their deaths touch the hearts of the world? Are these people remembered with dignity and respect? Are any buried by state funerals? If mass suicides occur what is the reaction? Are the surviving families helped in any way? Are there telethons to raise the much needed funds? Are we caring, compassionate and understanding to those suffering this dreaded illness and their surviving families?

Here in Australia we know of families that have lost all their 4 children to suicide. In other families parents have lost three and two children. Others have lost mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunties and grandparents.  In many cases family members are the first on the scene and have found their loved ones, their own flesh and blood in horrific circumstances. All of these people are traumatised, devastated but yet they must grieve in silence and cope alone.

If a million people were killed by any other means there would be a huge outcry.

Why the difference?

How many more people must die before “Action Against Suicide” is taken seriously?

We need your help.

Your kind donation will be greatly appreciated.

White Wreath Memorial Services are held to:

  • Create an awareness to the serious issue of mental illness and the need to address it appropriately and immediately.
  • Create awareness that there is a need to support and educate the families and carers of people with mental illness so that they are better prepared and able to support and care for their loved ones.
  • Remind Government and the whole of Australia that every life is precious. That these people are not just statistics, but are/were dearly loved human beings, loved by their families and carers.