May 29

National White Wreath Day

White Wreath Association have established National White Wreath Day, 29th May in remembrance of all victims of suicide. All around Australia, services will be held nationally to commemorate this important event, where thousands of white wreaths are laid in remembrance of each individual who have died tragically by suicide circumstances.

Queensland – Main Service

With great regret and sadness, White Wreath Assoc will not hold the Main Service in Brisbane on 29 May 2018.

We would be more than grateful for everyone to get involved with our Campaign “Wear White At Work”, also held on 29 May yearly. Click here for more information, or don’t hesitate to contact

You can donate using various methods directly from our webpage.

In Australia, we have to come to terms with the trauma of thousands of our fellow citizens (men, women and children) suiciding every year. For those left behind by these tragedies, the hurt is no less traumatic and yet society’s response to these surviving families and friends is vastly different from the help offered in other kinds of medical and social tragedies. It seems that no one cares or understands that the families and friends of suicide victims are in as much need of help and support as of other associations and are just as deserving of our understanding and respect. We have been creating in the wider community– awareness of the misconception relating to suicide/mental illness and the lack of appropriate treatment readily available related to people feeling suicidal. Our objective is to raise the much needed funds to build centres around Australia – places of safety for those when suicide threatens. We wish to bring awareness to the Australian society that these people are not statistic figures but dearly loved human beings loved by their family, carers and friends. Together, we can combat this epidemic and reduce these frightening figures.

How to get involved?

This year, on 29th May, we wish to welcome the public to lay photographs, flowers, wreaths, poems and sentimental memorabilia for those who loss a loved one or close friend by the tragic means of suicide. White wreaths and tags will be available at the services in your state.

How you can help?

We are contactable 24 hrs a day for anyone who is in need of assistance Australia wide on 1300 766 177. Visit website, or email if you wish to make a donation. With your help and support, together we can fight reduce the number of suicidal deaths.

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White Wreath Day past services
White Wreath Day past services
White Wreath Day past services
White Wreath Day past services