One of the services the White Wreath Association offers to all Australians who have been touched in some way by Suicide and Mental Illness is that of advocate.

When you or someone you know attempts Suicide, suffers Severe Depression or is affected by Mental Illness, the last thing you want is to cope alone.

The White Wreath Association recognises this and in an effort to assist offers to help bridge the gap between Organisations and Individuals.

If you are having difficulties with a Government Department, Medical Professionals or Local Authorities in relation to your own or a loved one’s Suicide or Mental Illness then we will help.

Fanita Clark, founder of this Association has spent a lot of time in contact with many Organisations and Departments and has had a good deal of success in helping people to get information and support  they need in their area.  The White Wreath Association Ltd has a strong network of support and there are many individuals within these Departments and Organisations who are also willing to help.

If you feel this service could be of use to you then please do not hesitate to call Fanita on : 1300 766 177

The White Wreath Association has volunteers and supporters from all over the country and wherever you are we will try to ensure you have the support you need when you need it.