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Director’s Report April 2016 – Inquiries Not Enough for Suicide Prevention

April 8, 2016 No Comments by White Wreath

Reform of the nation’s mental health system has been proclaimed as a core policy of both our political parties. The Liberal Party has promised “significant structural reform of the mental health system”, while the Labor Party has sign-posted “making mental health a national priority” and set a target of program delivery in its first 100 […]

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Director’s Report December 2015 – Mental Health Representation in the Media

February 20, 2016 No Comments by SRD

I am deeply disturbed on advice given to governments and the media laid down in Mindframe guidelines on how they report suicide/mental illness. The Mindframe guidelines are managed by the Hunter Institute of Mental Health and funded by the Australian Government under the National Suicide Prevention Program. (See link below). In recent years extensive coverage […]

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Director’s Report August 2015 – Time to Implement Reform for Suicide Prevention

August 10, 2015 No Comments by SRD

Despite the efforts of many committed politicians, government officials, service providers and community advocates, we do not have a system of effective or accessible mental health care. At all levels of government, within some of the professions and out in the wider community, there is a perception of general apathy, lack of accountability and lack […]

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Director’s Report April 2015 – Understanding Mental Illness

April 13, 2015 No Comments by SRD

Coordinated programs to provide treatment and support is vital for people with long-term mental illnesses and suicidal tendencies. Sadly, in many cases this is not happening. Mental illness is a debilitating disorder that can have fatal consequences. It is a myth that people take their lives because of social reasons, such as stress, job loss, […]

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Director’s Report December 2014 – Thank You to Our Supporters

December 1, 2014 No Comments by SRD

White Wreath Association would not be able to continue without the support of it members and the general public in their generous financial contributions. In spite of the tough economic conditions during the past year, your support has been unstinting. We are more than grateful for your commitment and valued financial assistance as we edge […]

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Director’s Report August 2014 – Sock it To Suicide

August 5, 2014 No Comments by SRD

“Sock It To Suicide Week” held during the third full week in October (20 – 14 October) is one of the most important fund-raising activities conducted by White Wreath Association. It is a vital to promoting White Wreath in the broader community and speading the message of White Wreath’s continuing campaign to educate and spread […]

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Director’s Report February 2014 – Promoting Action towards Suicide Prevention

March 31, 2014 No Comments by SRD

Recent media coverage on alcohol-fueled violence and the response by various governments to introduce tough new laws is once again misleading public to the real cause – mental illness. The person who king-hit, cowardly punched and killed a young boy in NSW has a long history of violence with serious mental health problems; in and […]

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Director’s Report November 2013 – Government Policies on Mental Health

November 6, 2013 No Comments by SRD

DIRECTORS REPORT The mental health policies of Australian federal governments, of both political persuasions, can only be described as abysmal. Successive governments have announced reforms to the mental health system, promising radical changes. Unfortunately, the end result seems to have achieved little. Politicians and mental health practitioners seem not to listen to the views of […]

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Director’s Report August 2013 – The Way Ahead for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Support

August 7, 2013 No Comments by SRD

THE WAY AHEAD Providing information to members is vital to White Wreath achieving its primary objectives. White Wreath’s main aim is to raise funds to establish Safehaven Centres for those who need urgent mental health treatment and ongoing care. Equally important to this is: Provide Advocacy and support to the sufferers of mental illness and […]

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Director’s Report May 2013 – The Impact of Suicide

May 13, 2013 No Comments by SRD

  DIRECTORS REPORT Drawing on the experiences of people who have gone through the trauma of a suicide can help us cope if we are ever faced with a similar situation. The tragic after-affects of suicide has an influence on all of us. The death of a loved-one, family member, friend, colleague or casual acquaintance […]

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