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White Wreath Association

White Wreath Association Ltd’s main aim is to raise funds in order to establish Safehaven Centres for those who have mental health problems and especially for those when suicide threatens. Our efforts in reducing the stigma associated with mental disorders are done through our public awareness campaigns that White Wreath Assoc holds during the year. We are contactable via phone, text, email & snail mail.

Need Help?

Monday – Friday
8am – 8pm AEST
P: 1300 766 177
M: 0410 526 562

Action for Suicide Prevention White Wreath Association Australia

Need Help?

Monday – Friday
8am – 8pm AEST
P: 1300 766 177
M: 0410 526 562

Sock It To Suicide Mental Health Campaign
White Wreath - Action Against Suicide - Suicide Prevention

In Remembrance of All Victims of Suicide

Suicide/Mental illness is like our modern-day cancer; everybody knows someone directly or indirectly affected by suicide.

Suicide/Mental illness affects all walks of life, all cultures and all ages regardless of whether we are rich, famous or poor.

Think about this.

Do you know someone?

About Us

Preventing suicide and improving the lives of those affected by mental illness

White Wreath Association is a non-denominational, non-profit charitable organisation providing help and assistance for those suffering mental trauma or considering suicide.

We advocate for early intervention, including rapid admission to the hospital when necessary, to provide individuals and their loved ones with the support and resources they need.

Our primary goal is to establish Care Facilities or Safehavens that offer a safe and supportive environment for those suffering from mental illness and contemplating suicide.

We work to raise funds and awareness to achieve our mission and make a positive difference in the lives of those impacted by these challenges.

White Wreath Day - White Wreath Association - Action Against Suicide
Sock it to Suicide Day - White Wreath Association - Action Against Suicide

Staff by Volunteers

White Wreath is staffed completely by unpaid volunteers, and we do not receive any government financial assistance. All the services provided by White Wreath are free, and we do not charge for any help/assistance or costs we may incur.

Advocacy & Advice

White Wreath Association provides advocacy and advice for those with mental health problems who are finding it difficult to get help within the complicated public mental health system, and we often spend weeks/months on individual cases.

As a non-profit charitable organisation, White Wreath also provides support to families, friends and work colleagues who have been touched by suicide.

What We Do

Community Awareness Programs

We have created programs trying to overcome the stigma many people have about suicide and mental health.

White Wreath - Action Against Suicide - Suicide Prevention

National White Wreath Day

White Wreath - Action Against Suicide - Suicide Prevention

National Wear White at Work Campaign

Sock It To Suicide Mental Health Campaign

National Sock It To Suicide Campaign

We also provide advocacy, guidance, and bereavement support.




White Wreath past services
Each white wreath represents a life lost to suicide this year
White Wreath - Action Against Suicide - Suicide Prevention
White Wreath Association
White Wreath Can Help

Action Against Suicide

White Wreath offers assistance to bridge the gap between mental health organisations and individuals.

We provide advocacy and support for those seeking mental health help and those bereaved by suicide. When you or someone you know attempts suicide, suffers from severe depression or is affected by mental illness, the last thing you want is to cope alone.

White Wreath has a strong support network and is willing to help where possible.

Our founder, Fanita Clark, has spent a lot of time in contact with many organisations and departments and has had a good deal of success in helping people get the information and support they need.

We have experience in overcoming difficulties you may be having in dealings with a government department, the medical professions or local authorities in relation to your own or a loved one's mental illness.

We aim to remind all Australians that every life is precious and suicide victims are not just statistics but dearly loved human beings, loved by their families, friends and carers.

White Wreath Needs Your Help

Be a part of our mission to help others

White Wreath volunteers are active in the broader community, creating awareness of misunderstandings and myths relating to mental illness and educating the community on the serious shortages in appropriate mental health treatments.

We operate solely on public support/donations, and if you want us to continue the good work, we earnestly ask you to please donate.

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