Vision Statement

The primary focus of the White Wreath Association is to raise funds in order to establish Safehaven Centres, care facilities to treat and aid those suffering mental illnesses and a place to go to for those who are suicidal.

In Australia we have to come to terms with the trauma of thousands of our fellow citizens; men, women and children who are suiciding every year.

For those left behind , these tragedies are traumatic and painful. Yet society’s response to these surviving families and friends is vastly different to the response and compassion offered to families who have suffered the loss of someone due to other types of illnesses, accidents and tragedies. It seems that no one cares or understands that the families and friends of suicide victims are in need of as much help and support as other members of our society and are just as deserving of our understanding and respect.

For the past few years a group of volunteers have travelled Australia creating – in the wider community – awareness of the misunderstandings and myths relating to mental illness and providing community education in regards to the serious lack of appropriate treatments.

These volunteers strive to promote awareness and response in the greater community of the issues in mental health and we thank them for their constant support.

Since our incorporation our achievements have been many, we have:

  • established National White Wreath Day in remembrance of all Victims of Suicide
  • established the Sock It To Suicide Campaign held during the THIRD week October yearly
  • provided help to thousands of Australians
  • established a website and newsletters for sending information and updating members and supporters
  • created a national membership program.

We would be very grateful if you can help us to help our fellow Australians through donations or support of our fundraising ventures to raise the much-needed funds required. Please visit our donate/shop page to see how you can help. Maybe you can assist our Association directly or perhaps refer our organisation to other contacts you know who may be able to assist us achieve our goal.

With your help we will achieve our goal and together reduce the frightening suicide figures that are growing at a staggering rate.