Queensland Pride
Issue #107 April 2000

White wreaths on display

Dear Editor,

Suicide has no boundaries and effects people from all walks of life.

Each of us can call to mind someone we know or have heard of who has committed suicide.

We ask Why? Often that question has never been answered.

The White Wreath Association was formed to support the families and friends of victims of suicide and to try to prevent suicide in the community.

Everyone is invited to share in a memorial service where we will remember those people who have died through suicide. 3000 White Wreaths with photographs will be laid in King George Square on April 19th. The memorial service will commence at 11am with guest speakers from the Association and the GLBT community, religious leaders and others.

You are invited to show your support by making a donation or becoming a member of the White Wreath Association.

Heather Creighton.