Veteran Affairs Newspaper
September 2000

Support for people affected by suicide

White Wreath Association Inc is an organisation supporting victims of suicide. It is a non-denominational, non-political and anti discriminatory body that will support people who have been directly affected by suicide and those who are affected by mental illness.

Its first aim is to promote awareness by educating the public to the alarming increase in suicide deaths and mental illness within the society in which we live and the urgent need to try to combat this epidemic. The Association will be holding Memorial Services to focus media and public attention onto this very serious health issue, leading to a National Day in Canberra each November.

Secondly, it intends to approach governments on the urgent need to make change to the confidentiality laws to acknowledge that carers and families of people with mental illness must be informed of their loved one’s treatment at the time these people are least able to care for themselves. They will then know how to care for their home environment.

The Association would like to remove the unfounded myths and stigmas often associated with suicide. It is aiming to raise funds through sponsorship, fundraising events and the sale of miniature White Wreath badges to ultimately result in the establishment of In-Outpatient care centre for people with mental illness where no one will be denied treatment.

Finally, the Association wants to remind the whole of Australia that every life is precious, that these people are not just statistics but dearly loved human beings, loved by their families and carers.