The Tuggeranong Chronicle
14 November 2000

Wreathed in tears


FIONA Lee, of Kambah, (below) reflects on the loss of her husband, one of many suicide victims remembered at the White Wreath Day ceremony outside Parliament House last Wednesday.

After Michael Lee took his own life in April, Fiona found a lack of support services for those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Although she was fortunate to have the support of family and friends, she wondered about those that did not have such help.

She and her children, Kayla, 8, and Matthew, 3, attend a support group for children who have lost a parent.

She said it was important that people become more aware of the issue of suicide. Her husband had depression for 18 months and felt as though he was the only person in the world with the problem.

Fiona said it was important to ensure people did not feel ashamed about seeking help.